It’s terrible, being relieved that your favorite team’s season is over. It feels like betrayal, like the third denial. But as the Blazers slogged through their worst season in more than thirty years, their fans suffered with them, feeling the pain of every fourth-quarter collapse, every injury, every locker-room fight. This was more than just a bad year, it was the last gasp of an organization that’s been slowly collapsing since it reached the Conference Finals a few years back. There’s a lot of talk about blowing up the team and starting over, but really, the team’s already blown up. Now it’s time to sweep away the rubble, see what’s salvageable (can Zach Randolph’s knee be rehabilitated? How about his attitude?), and look to build something new and better amidst the ruins. For now, though, it’s time to rest, watch other teams in the playoffs, and try to put this dysfunctional team out of my mind for a while.