Maybe your favorite movie doesn’t suck.

Rather than being a numbing morass of brainless candy, pop culture (video games, TV, etc.) is instead a stimulating experience that requires active participation on the part of the audience.

Your favorite movie sucks.

Don’t mind me, just whining about class. No, not “class,” “class.” Eh, you know what I mean.

Arrested Development and Absolutely Fabulous.

It’s a neat trick, taking characters who can only be described as “unsympathetic jerks” and making them not only objects of fun, but of affection.

The Bleacher Bums.

I had totally forgotten that today was to be the “official” launch date for the site until I heard a plug for it on the radio.

A slow crash, like an iceberg.

It’s terrible, being relieved that your favorite team’s season is over.

Dope Farmer. (PopMatters)

My review of Dope Farmer is now up at PopMatters.

Selling virtual assets.

The competitive argument against selling virtual assets seems to be that it puts players who aren’t willing to spend extra cash at a disadvantage against players that are; the only way to make up for this disadvantage is to spend hours and hours grinding your way to the top. Personally, I think that any game in which competition and success can be boiled down to a “time = money” equation is not a fun game.

Metroid Prime 2.

My poor, tendinitis-riddled hands just cannot deal with this constant strain.

Adobe buys Macromedia; GameStop buys Electronics Boutique.

Josh reads way too much into simple business transactions.

Alias, Season 2.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Season 2 of Alias actually makes Season 1 look straightforward and sensible.