My review of World of Warcraft is now up at City Pages. Or maybe I should say it’s “in” City Pages. I have so little experience with print, I can’t even get the prepositions straight. And while seeing my name on an online article made me all neurotic and angsty, it’s nothing compared to the sheer freakiness of seeing my name on paper. One of these days, I’m going to have to get over this whole byline anxiety complex I seem to have.

The fun thing about reviewing WoW was being able to spend two weeks obsessively playing, and calling it “research.” The bad thing is that now that I’m done, I’m still playing obsessively, but with no excuse. I’m playing right now, in fact. I should be writing query letters or sleeping, but I’ve almost got the stuff I need to summon a Felhunter. I mean, a guy’s gotta have priorities.