I’ve taken a few classes at the U of M now, partly to fill in some gaps in my previous education, but mostly for kicks. It’s been rewarding: I’ve learned a lot, and it’s actually helped sharpen some of my games criticism, despite the fact that none of the classes make more than passing reference to video games.

There are times, though, when I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I signed up for this. Like when I have to take a midterm exam. And when I have to write the answers in a blue book. A blue book! What’s next, bubble sheets and #2 pencils? Multiplication charts? This learnin’ stuff is fun, but being a student is occasionally a little galling.

Also, some advice for those of you in school: studying for a test while playing World of Warcraft may not be as effective a multitasking strategy as it seems. My blue book faintly reeked of B.S. as I handed it in. On the plus side, I got to level 20 last night.