Back when we and the Web were young, we made simple home pages by hand. These pages didn’t have much going on; they tended to be little more than lists of links to other web sites, mostly because all we had to work with was HTML 1.0 and Mosaic, and so anything more ambitious was more trouble than it was worth.

Nowadays, though, our personal sites are database driven and standards-compliant; they contain tons of freshly updated content, indexed neatly by date and fully searchable. Sometimes, though, we miss the simple pleasures of a page that says nothing more than “hey, check these sites out, they’re awesome!”

So don’t consider this page an obligatory list of links to other sites. Think of it as kickin’ it old-school.

Update, 9 September 2005: Oh, now I remember the problem with all our old home pages: they were terribly out of date. I’ve moved all my updated links into, the better to keep them fresh. So much for “kickin’ it old-school.”