Hot on the heels of the breakout hit Fight Club, Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games has announced that it’s acquired the rights to publish a game based on Reservoir Dogs. There are probably a bunch of interesting things you could do with a game based on Tarantino’s heist-and-ears classic, but if history is any indicator, you can be pretty sure it’ll just be another bland shooter.

Fight Club and Reservoir Dogs are clearly just the tip of the iceberg, though. Beyond such classics as The Blair Witch Project and Independence Day, there are scads of 90s films out there, just waiting to be remediated into hit games. Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

The Usual Suspects: A stealth-action game in which you play as Keyser Soze, sneaking around and bumping off saps one at a time! Features a sophisticated powerup system that allows you to hide in plain sight. Think Splinter Cell, but with a neo-noir twist.

Titanic: Your heart will go on in this ship-piloting/dating sim when you try to win the heart of a beautiful debutante while also making sure the famed ocean liner steers clear of any pesky icebergs! Features a branching storyline with five different endings. Think Luxury Liner Tycoon, but with a romantic twist.

Forrest Gump: Run, Forrest, run — straight on through history, in an educational title that’ll have the kids eager to learn! Features photorealistic recreations of historic settings. Think Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, but with a licensed soundtrack and lots of product placement.

Thelma and Louise: You’re on a cross-country drive for vengance in this pulse-pounding rally game! Features a wide variety of vehicles, as well as customizable outfits for your drivers. Think Colin McRae, but with beautiful ladies.

Fargo: Explore the entire city of Brainerd, sifting through clues and funny accents in this immersive action-adventure game as you track down a pair of fiendish kidnappers! Features advanced particle effects that put you right in the middle of a Minnesota snowstorm. Think True Crime: Streets of LA, but with a wood chipper.

Boogie Nights: Move over, Larry: here comes Dirk Diggler, boogieing his way through the 70s adult film scene! Features character models with over 100 points of animation. Think Stuntman, but with a phallic twist.

The Big Lebowski: Bowling for drugs. ‘Nuff said.

Howards End: Don’t let anyone get in the way of your inheritance in this wild action-adventure game! Features fully deformable environments, so you can either lay claim to the house or tear it down completely. Think Devil May Cry, but with more class conflict.

The Piano: In this action-rhythm game, you’re not just playing to impress the audience, you’re playing for your life! Features a special-edition 88-key controller, which will almost certainly be used in other games. Think Gitaroo Man, but with only nine fingers.

And that’s just the beginning. American Beauty, Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy, Breaking the Waves, Schindler’s List — the 90s offer endless opportunities for leveraging intellectual property to achieve synergistic efficiencies. Seriously, are there any publishers or developers out there listening? Call me babe, we’ll do lunch.