The only non-live-blogged Oscars report on the Internet.

One of the best moments of the evening was songwriter Jorge Drexler walking up to the stage and actually genuflecting to Prince before singing his acceptance.

Gradius V.

How is it that games that are so difficult and frustrating can be so much fun?

Oscar-nominated animated short films.

Watching the animated shorts online mostly makes me pine for a DVD or theater showing; streaming video is a horrible way to watch, well, anything really, but it’s particularly bad for watching animation, where you just know that you’re missing out on all kinds of details.

What do we want out of games journalism?

The question is whether you can get all this writing moved off the web and into print, and if you do, whether anyone will buy it.

Another day, another redesign.

You know all that stuff I said yesterday about weblogs providing “much simpler tools” for people to build home pages with? Yeah, so much for that.

Will blog for food, or, the rise of the blogotariat.

Or, Josh gives in and starts blogging about blogs. Bloggity blog blog.

Those bears have the right idea.

I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the light, or what, but every February, I have a single, overriding urge, and that is to sleep.

All-stars and Blazers and Wolves, oh phooey.

Both of my teams are stuck in mediocrity, and I’ve been reduced to the most abject, pathetic state a basketball fan can find himself in.

Hyperlinks for you and me.

Don’t mind me, just fixing my links page here.

Not for me, perhaps.

It’s incredibly saddening to think there are whole servers full of people out there who honestly, innocently think that the words they use have no effect at all on those that hear them.