Last year, I idly made a few New Year’s resolutions. To my horror, I managed to keep exactly none of them (I suppose you could argue that moving to a new apartment counts as “getting out of the house more,” but it’d be a pretty weak argument). So this year, I’m giving up on sisyphean directives like “keeping the apartment clean,” and sticking to easy, well-defined goals that I can actually achieve:

  1. Watch at least one first-run film in a theater every month.
  2. Read at least one book for pleasure every month.
  3. Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts at least once every three months.
  4. Post to this weblog at least twice a week.
  5. Get a library card.
  6. Take the GRE.
  7. Find some paying work.

Ok, so that last one’s less a resolution and more a requirement for living in the modern world. And yes, these are pretty boring goals, but I stand at least some chance of sticking to them, as opposed to last year’s impossible task of “finding some direction in my life,” something I’ve stopped holding my breath waiting for. At any rate, if you notice me slipping on any of these, please feel free to give me a whack upside the head.