Holy Crapulent!

When it’s late, and I’m writing, and I’m stuck in mid-sentence, I often procrastinate by looking words up in the dictionary or thesaurus.

Firefly: Brief notes on half a show.

Even though the show contains plenty of po-mo formal trickery and became popular in the closed format of DVD, it exhibits some very traditional traits of television shows.

Viewtiful Joe 2 and my inability to learn from my mistakes.

VFX powers are useful not only because they boost your abilities and power, but because slowing down, zooming in, and replaying the action allows you to revel in the simple pleasures of wanton destruction. At least that’s how it feels when you actually get to destroy things.

Saved! from satire.

The thing that makes the film fall flat as satire is the same thing that makes it click for me: its unrepentant affection for its characters.

Alien Hominid. (PopMatters)

My review of Alien Hominid is now up at PopMatters. It’s one of those games that’s a ton of fun, as long as you don’t stop to think about it. Thinking bad!

Quitting shouldn’t be so much work.

Quitting is a purgative for those trapped in this wearying cycle of “work hard, play hard.” It’s about breaking down the binaries of work/leisure or office/home and finding an in-between space where those structures don’t define us, don’t govern every minute of our lives.

Seven simple resolutions for 2005.

This year, I’m giving up on vague directives and sticking to easy, well-defined goals that I can actually achieve.