Well, crap. I’ve been forced to break Josh’s Weblogging Rule #31 (“When posting about a movie (or book, or game, or whatever), don’t just link to another review and say ‘I agree!’”[1]). I was going to write a few words about how Michael Moore puts together a damning indictment of George W. Bush in Fahrenheit 9/11, and then proceeds to undermine it with his own cloying, hectoring voice. I mean, not everybody can be both cloying and hectoring at the same time[2], so that’s a pretty neat trick and all, but as political discourse goes, it makes your arguments seem less trenchant and more histrionic.

Of course, the problem with trying to say anything about a high-profile, highly topical movie like this is that it’s already had the snot reviewed out of it, and the odds are pretty good that someone has already said what you want to say. In short[3]: if you haven’t read it already, check out Stephanie Zacharek’s review in Salon. In it, she says everything I want to say about Fahrenheit 9/11, and more. I’ll just go off and wallow in my redundancy now.

[1] Weblogs of the traditional “list o’ links” format are, of course, exempt from this rule.

[2] There is no doubt, however, that Martha Stewart is still the undisputed master of the style.

[3] Do you like how I took a paragraph and a half to get around to the actual linky part of a “just a link” post?