I was fooling around a bit with the beta version of NetNewsWire 2.0, and noticed that it now exports subscriptions in outline form. I also noticed that I haven’t done anything with this site in a while. So I’ve updated the links page of this site. Along the way, I culled a few dead sites, and mercilessly purged a large number of feeds that don’t really interest me these days. It was a little sad, really, since I’d been following some of these sites for years. I guess that’s the way the web crumbles, though. On the bright side, I’m “down” to 108 subscriptions!

One of the weblogs I’ve recently started following belongs to one Ron Gilbert. Gilbert was the lead designer on, among other things, The Secret of Monkey Island. This alone is enough to cement his position in my mind as a Pretty Cool Dude, but on top of that, he’s a pretty smart guy. A couple of other pretty smart guys (I think) from Idle Thumbs interviewed him recently. The interview is pretty much a complete mess, but there are a lot of good remarks in there; it’s worth a read.