Johan Santana didn’t exactly look like a shoe-in for the Cy Young award last night (he gave up nine hits), but the rest of the team chipped in with a classic Twins defensive showing, turning five double plays to keep the Yankees scoreless. New York’s Mike Mussina actually had a pretty good night, but Minnesota managed to score two runs on an RBI by Shannon Stewart and a homer by Jaque Jones. I could probably write a lot more about this game, but not without regurgitating material from the excellent recaps by Batgirl, the Twins Geek, and Aaron Gleeman. If you like the Twins at all, bookmark those sites.

Meanwhile, In the WNBA Western Conference Finals, Seattle whipped Sacramento, 82-62. Sue Bird, playing a day after having nose surgery, had a playoff-record 14 assists; Lauren Jackson hit six 3-pointers. The Storm shredded the Monarch’s help defense, scoring at will and taking away Sacramento’s chance for easy transition baskets. It was fun to watch, albeit a little ruthless: if I were a Sacramento fan, I’d be rending my garments and pulling out the sackcloth and ashes right about now. As a Lynx fan, though, there’s always a little schadenfreude in seeing the team that knocked you out of the playoffs abuse someone else just as badly.

During commercials, we flipped over to the Vice Presidential Debates, but given a choice between baseball, basketball, and bitchy politicians, I know which one will get the least of my attentions. If they want people to pay attention to politics, they should schedule these sorts of things in February or July, when there aren’t any leagues in the middle of their playoffs.