Cleaning up the Internet slush pile.

Occasionally, I see something on the web that’s interesting, and I think to myself, “hey, maybe the others haven’t seen that one yet.” I then stick it on the slush pile with all the other pages I’ve been meaning to show people, and then forget about it. Well, the slush pile is getting rather high, and most of these sites are still kind of interesting/amusing/disturbing, so I figured I’d share them. While I’m not above sending mass emails, I figure it’s just as easy to toss a bunch of links up here with no context, so here we go:

I’ve never really given much thought to city flags, but luckily, the North American Vexillological Association is around to think about them for me, and has ranked the flags of 150 U.S. cities from best to worst. Minneapolis came in 27th; my old hometown of Portland came in 7th.

A brief survey of the evolution of Mario makes a nice illustration for my comparison of Mario to Mickey Mouse from a while back. Of course, my point had something to do with the softening and cutening (cuteifying? cute-ation?) of iconic characters, where theirs is more about the standard retrogamer’s cry of “modern graphics are very bad things,” but hey.

Joanna Weiss of the Boston Globe writes about the prominence of older women (that is, older than 35) in TV these days, and that more and more of these women are being marketed as “sexy.”

You can play Hungry Hungry Hippos online. It’s no substitute for the real thing, but it’ll do in a pinch.

“Glitch Art” involves generating effed-up computer images (for instance by feeding garbage into an emulator, or just poking at the machinery with something sharp) and mucking around with the results. A lot of it is pointless crap, but some of it is quite nice, and by nice, I mean a little creepy. Goes well with Autechre.

Does anyone know anything about Okami? Apparently, it’s the next project by the team that made Viewtiful Joe, and the trailer looks fantastic (seriously, check it out). I just haven’t been able to find much information on it, at least not much that’s written in a script I can read.

Finally: this is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. I want it.

Writer’s Block.

It’s all bad.

Get a haircut, ya hippies!

A quick note to the Boston Red Sox and to sportswriters everywhere.

Jon Stewart vs. Jacques Derrida.

In what seems to be a shout-out to the recently-deceased Jacques Derrida, Jon Stewart recently appeared on CNN?s Crossfire and attempted to examine oversimplified binary oppositions in American political discourse in order to expose their underlying structures, as well as the inherent instability of those structures — or something like that.

Storm 74, Sun 60: I’m trying very hard to avoid the obvious puns.

For the first time since I’ve started following the WNBA, I didn’t really have an emotional investment in either of the teams playing in the Finals. That didn’t stop me from enjoying them, though.

2004 Fall Premieres, Part 2.

either debates nor schedules nor poor reception nor gloom of the Twins getting their asses handed to them by the Yankees will stay this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds. More reviews of new TV shows.

Twins def. Yankees 2-0; Storm def. Monarchs 82-62; Democrats tie Republicans 0-0.

It was a busy night in sporting, as baseball and women’s basketball both had important playoff games played. The future of our political landscape also hung in the balance, but that’s nothing compared to five double plays.

2004 Fall Premieres, Part 1.

Load the tapes and check the TiVo, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la; ‘Tis the season to watch new shows, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.