“My dream leads to scurvy.”

Winner of the “Best Webcomic That’s Been Around For Years And I Can’t Believe I Never Heard About It Until Now” award.

Lynx 54, Storm 64: Time to look ahead.

The Lynx were knocked out of the playoffs by Seattle, doomed by their propensity towards turnovers. Now there’s nothing left but to look ahead to another offseason of rebuilding.

The Video Game Revolution.

See PBS air a two-hour documentary on video games. See Josh read a lot of TV-related critical theory for class. See Josh nitpick.

Seriously, shut up about the moving already.

No, really, this is the last thing I’ll write about the whole moving-to-a-new-apartment thing. But first: pictures!

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga: Boss battles and cybernetic rituals.

When we fight a boss battle, we give up the freedom to choose and change the game’s world in favor of performing a specific set of actions under the game’s direction. What’s up with that?