Bad things can happen when you make idle comments on my weblog on a day that I happen to be fooling around with GarageBand. Semifat Sediment now has an (unofficial) theme song!

Uneven Squares (2:40, 3MB)

As a bonus, here’s a track I made yesterday:

Lunging Around (2:26, 2.8MB)

You’ll probably want to listen to these with headphones on: they’re safe for work and all that, but my audio engineering skills lie somewhere between rudimentary and non-existent, and I can’t figure out how to mix things so that they’re reasonable (or even audible) over speakers.

And just to be clear, calling something a “theme song” doesn’t mean a cheesy midi version of it will be playing in the background whenever you load the site up. I’m narcissistic enough to think that people might want to listen to some half-assed track I whipped out in an afternoon, but I’m not evil enough to subject people to it against their will.