In a move that I may yet come to regret, I registered to take a class at the University of Minnesota. I’m now recovering from the shock of the first session, having entered a classroom for the first time in seven years and being faced with statements like “participation is strongly encouraged” and “late assignments will be penalized.” On the bright side, I was only the second oldest student in the room!

The class I’m taking, incidentally, is called “Sexuality and Culture.” The instructor made it clear that the course really isn’t about S-E-X, although I suspect that that will not keep this innocent, repressed son of Korean evangelicals from blushing early and often. I’m mostly taking it for the theory, ’cause I do loves me some social theory. If you’re all nice to me, I will refrain from writing in this space about how awesome Foucault is and how we spent an entire hour this morning poring over three sentences of his. If all this postmodern theory stuff turns out to suck, however, expect none to be spared from my complaining.