Van Gorp comes out.

Michelle Van Gorp talks about being a lesbian in the WNBA, same-sex marriage, and various other issues.

I got yer context-free culture right here, buddy.

Seeing Aarseth’s statement that “games are not intertextual either; games are self-contained” gets my dander up.

Custom Robo: missing the point of “bonus” content.

Leaving out modes that are considered standard to the form seems like an odd decision, to put it mildly.

Pistons win NBA Championship.

Detroit finally put the Lakers out of their ever-increasing misery tonight, winning Game 5 and the championship, 100-87.

When did I decide that this was a good way to spend my summer?

In a move that I may yet come to regret, I registered to take a class at the University of Minnesota.

Your reward for playing a game? Another game!

Games as unlockable content in other games.

The Atari 2600 is useful for more than just “I Love The 80s” episodes.

Because I am congenitally unable to resist a list-making exercise, here are a few 2600 games that I think are interesting.

If the Lakers are in the finals, it must be Tuesday.

I get to enjoy another season of watching the most smug (smuggest?) team on earth play for yet another set of rings to add to its collection.