Dear Omega Force:

I love your Dynasty Warriors games: they somehow manage to imbue mindless button-mashing with focused planning and tactics in a completely organic fashion, which makes for a very satisfying experience. I can see why you have such a devoted fan base that’s willing to buy all of the different versions and expansions you keep releasing.

If you’re going to milk a franchise as lucrative as this, though, please consider updating your graphics engine once in a while. It’s really great to dive into a melee with a hundred enemy soldiers; it’s much less great to only be able to see a dozen of them due to all the fogging and popup. And I won’t bother mentioning the low-res environment textures or the nasty slowdown. Anyway, the PS2 has been around for a few years now, the kinks have been worked out of programming it, and there’s no real excuse for continuing to put out “new” games that look three years old. So before you release Dynasty Warriors 5, please please please lock your programmers in a room with lots of caffeine and sugar, and don’t let them out until they’ve come up with something nice, ‘k?