One of the more annoying side effects of working on a game is the same annoying side effect of working on any software product: I’m now completely unable to overlook small bugs in other people’s work. Case in point: Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil. Besides the compelling story, clean graphics, and great voice acting, it has a well-managed progression with relatively little backtracking, lost wandering, or any of the other things that can bog down an adventure game.

But: I couldn’t help but notice the minor but frequent glitches in the audio and the poor syncing of voices with their subtitles. Not to mention the spot where I ran off a ledge, straight through the play boundary and into a sewer, leaving me with a screen full of muddy water and no way back to dry land but to reset the console. Bugs like this aren’t enough to ruin a good game, but they sure can put a damper on your enthusiasm. Sigh, there’s only so much the QA staff can do, I guess.

On the bright side, Friedrich Nietzsche is nowhere to be found in this game.