Buggy Good and Evil.

Bugs like this aren’t enough to ruin a good game, but they sure can put a damper on your enthusiasm.

R-Type Final vs. Bruce Nauman.

Nauman’s video loops and neon signs flashed and shouted at me just as loudly as any DDR machine could, and sucked me into their hypnotic, repetitive patterns until I was completely in sync with the patterns on the screen.

But hope springs eternal.

A hotshot draft prospect named Lindsay Whalen, however, has thrown a wrench in my armchair GM plotting.

Nothing lasts forever.

For the first time in 22 years, the Portland Trail Blazers will not be participating in the NBA playoffs.

Remembering the #18, the #21, and the blessed #17.

One day there was a public transit system, the next day, there wasn’t.

Jumping on the bandwagon is fun and easy!

I’ve happily jumped on the M’sota Gophers bandwagon, following Janel McCarville and Lindsay Whalen on their impressive run through the NCAA tournament.

In lieu of actual content.

Just a couple of quick additions to the site this morning.