The annoying part of the whole having-a-day-job thing is that I don’t really have much time or energy to expend on enjoyable activities like sitting around reading and responding to random articles on the Internet. If this essay on gay characters in video games had been posted three months ago, I would have already written a few hundred poorly thought out words of response, babbling uninformedly about genre as a bonding agent for subcultures. Actually, I probably would have written about viewing the player-controlled character in a game as a sign system that the player interprets and responds to, rather than as an avatar that acts as an extension of her own will. Then I would have begged my grad student friends to loan me some Butler and Kristeva primers, which I would then completely fail to read, because actually knowing any theory would take all the fun out of pulling big words from my ass (if there’s a comp lit drinking game, I’d like to play it sometime).

But since I had a long day at work and an even longer commute, none of this twaddle will be inflicted on you today; you’re all spared until May (when my current contract ends) from my regularly scheduled intellectual dilettantism. For now, it’ll just be quick links and brief comments in this space. Talk amongst yourselves; I need to go to bed early tonight.