Makes me miss my old tractor-fed Epson.

Some person out there, presumably a genius, has gone and reprogrammed an old dot matrix printer for use as a synthesizer.

Sorry, too pissed off to come up with a pithy title.

I can’t even count the number of ways in which this article from Details offends me.

On identity formation and sleeplessness.

The annoying part of the whole having-a-day-job thing is that I don’t really have much time or energy to expend on enjoyable activities like sitting around reading and responding to random articles on the Internet.

3D is teh sux0r, and I’m an old fart.

I finally started playing Devil May Cry, which is generally considered the gold standard for third-person action games. It has nice graphics, nifty attacks, etc. etc. Unfortunately, I just can’t play it.