Sheegoths aren’t quite Grues, but…

There was a time when all the dialogue a video game had was a couple of expository sentences on the side of an arcade cabinet, or a half-page teaser in a manual.

Star Wars: Knights of the old d20 system.

It’s very possible to min-max your way to godhood while poring over every roll and modifier to see where you need improvement.

Lost in Translation: it’s like La Jeté, but instead of the future, it’s set in Japan.

What really struck me while I watched it was the way that so many scenes were framed like still photographs or home video.

The end of an era in Portland, but hopefully not the playoff era.

Portland has somehow managed to trade Rasheed to Atlanta for Shareef Abdur-Raheem and Theo Ratliff.

Well, that was unexpected.

Rather surprisingly, I found myself with a job today.