Space Channel 5: Style beats substance every time.

Space Channel 5 has something that very few video games even know they should want to have: swing.

A non-review of Metal Arms.

I have no idea how to judge shooters.

Funny name, nice site.

A new video-game-theory weblog, Ludonauts, has recently cropped up.

LEGO Harpsichord.

Screw GarageBand. This is the musical instrument to end all instruments.

Apple: enabling everyone to embarass themselves.

GarageBand is a nice way to make stupid music.

Jak II: Living for the city.

Jak II has the feeling of a big experiment, one that unfortunately isn’t all that successful.

Reasons to protect your password, #1539.

A report of crazy goings-on in FFXI.

Decrepitude is my middle name.

Why, oh, why must games be so damned dark?!

Arcadia. (nothing to do with the play!)

I was wondering when the post-Wario Ware era of gaming would begin. Happily, Gamelab has presented us with Arcadia.

More movie love than even Gene Shalit can dole out.

I gave in and got a Netflix account. Now I can see all those films I’ve been meaning to watch, and make you all read about it!