I saw The Matrix: Revolutions today. It wasn’t as bad as everyone keeps saying it is. That’s not to say it was good either, though. It was just… a movie. An action movie, with over-the-top special effects, cheesy dialogue, and the occasional ass getting kicked. That’s probably disappointing if you’re one of those people who believes the Wachowski brothers are some sort of existentialist gurus for the 21st century. For me, though, having already sat through the confused, pretentious mess that was Reloaded, simply watching a mediocre action flick was kind of a relief.

One amusing note (amusing to me, at least): Roger Ebert was impressed by the prevalence of women and minorities in key roles throughout the trilogy. I just thought the whole thing was cast like a Benetton ad. I may be overly cynical in the face of diversity.