Shonen Jump (via Quiter, via Video-Fenky) has published the first teaser images of Final Fantasy XII. Despite their looks, that’s not Yuna and Tidus from FFX (or Garnet and Zidane from FFIX, for that matter) — their names are Ashé and Van, apparently. The game will be directed by Yasumi Matsuno, who brought us Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story.

I shouldn’t find this at all interesting. The mainline Final Fantasy series exemplifies everything I hate about video games: franchise-milking, pretentious and incoherent storylines, monotonous leveling, crushingly long clear times, etc. Against my will, though, I’m excited. Does that make me a fanboi?

None of that is important, however. What is important is that there will be Bangaa. And as anyone who’s played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance knows, Bangaa kick ass. Hopefully, the Viera will make an appearance as well, because they kick even more ass, Red Mage-style.