Otogi: How to ruin a perfectly good game.

Otogi causes no end of frustration by being simultaneously far better and far worse than your average hack-n-slash brawler.

Guilt never tasted so good.

In my continuing quest to make a complete mockery of the term “vegetarian,” I ate a hamburger today. With bacon.

Good Morning!

Nothing more fun than being woken up by roofers working on your house, especially when “working on the house” consists mostly of banging on your bedroom window. Thank god I had the blinds closed.

Sega ESPN Basketball: not quite chocolate and peanut butter.

What’s nearly impossible to simulate is the pleasure of watching bodies in motion, sweat and muscle moving through space to put a ball through a small hole.

My madeline.

There is no better scent than that of wet leaves and soil in autumn.

Back to business as usual.

Apparently, investors don’t get too excited about companies that promise to turn an entire industry upside down. Go figure.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Final Fantasy XXIV Crystal Advance 2.

I shouldn’t find this at all interesting. Against my will, though, I’m excited.

The Matrix: Done.

Having already sat through the confused, pretentious mess that was Reloaded, simply watching a mediocre action flick was kind of a relief.

Viewtiful Joe: viewtifully hard.

The whole game, while not actually very long from end to end, can require a pretty hefty investment in time and sweat to get through.

My priorities in life are severely misordered.

I am now the inordinately pleased owner of a Neo-Geo Pocket Color, SNK’s oft-overlooked handheld (shown with the exquisite Last Blade loaded up).