Everyone wants the Cubs to beat Florida; I do too. Everyone wants to see the Cubs face the Red Sox in an All-Goat Series, if for no other reason than to make their fans stop moaning about curses; I know I do. But the Marlins make it really hard to root against them, continually small-balling and gut-checking their way to wins.

They did it again tonight, scoring eight runs in a wild 8th inning. The rally began with a double by Juan Pierre off of Mark Prior. Then a foul ball by Luis Castillo was caught by a fan (who will never be able to show his face in a Chicago bar again) instead of Moises Alou. After that, things just unraveled for the Cubs, and the game belonged to Florida.

The crazy thing is, this is just routine baseball after a series that’s already featured two 11-inning classics. Yes, I’d like the Cubs to win. But I’m glad they lost, because the way these two teams have battled each other, I’d really like this series to never end.