It’s a good year in sports when the Lakers, Sparks, and the Yankees all fail to win championships in their respective sports. The Florida Marlins beat New York tonight, 2-0, to win the 2003 World Series, in a series that was exciting enough to (almost) make up for the denial of a Cubs-Bosox series.

Josh Beckett, working on only three days rest, pitched a five-hit, complete-game shutout against New York, complementing his frightening fastball a wicked curveball to stymie the Yankees all night. Seeing the Marlins celebrate — on New York’s field — was a great sight, even if there wasn’t any smooching.

The Yankees vaunted lineup, meanwhile, slowly unraveled during the series. Normally, they’d have no problems rallying from a 2-0 deficit (and had already scored at least 2 runs in the ninth inning in games 4 and 5), but looked broken and done all night. Now all that’s left for them is to see who’ll survive after the purges that Steinbrenner will surely instigate this winter.