The best use of MS Excel.

If you have Excel (yuck), and aren’t afraid to run files with macros in them (double-yuck), you must download this version of Pac-Man right now.

Magic Pengel: cockfighting with crayons.

After all, when doesn’t a nice cockfighting tournament constitute good clean family fun?

Sleigh bells ring?

I went out onto the deck to have a cigarette, and realized it was snowing. Can someone remind me again why I live in Minnesota?

Marlins win World Series; more importantly, Yankees lose.

The Florida Marlins beat New York tonight, 2-0, to win the 2003 World Series.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: falling to your doom.

Using an egg as a weapon is a cute gimmick, to be sure, but one that has unfortunate consequences, control-wise.

Look out for Puffy Ami Yumi.

Like all Shibuya-Kei artists, Puffy plays mix-and-match with various pop styles, while assiduously avoiding outright parody or kitsch.

Who said baseball was boring?

The Marlins make it really hard to root against them, continually small-balling and gut-checking their way to wins.

I’m suddenly feeling a little hungry.

Best weblog I’ve run into lately: The Cheese Diaries. Yum.

Bombastic: randomly rolling.

Bombastic seems to embrace chaos itself, favoring a random and confused style of play over the simplicity that a Tetris or a Bejeweled provide.

How do we make a profit? Volume.

Well, I’m either a prophet, or it was a totally obvious idea.