Johnny Cash, 1932-2003.

I’m pretty immune to the deaths of celebrities; even Curt Cobain’s suicide left little more than a dull coldness in me. But then I watched Cash’s final music video, for his cover of Nine Inch Nails’s Dirt, and found myself blinking back tears.

A signifier in the desert.

How many MMORPG communities have this kind of conversation going on?

Random thoughts on Soul Calibur II

Listening to jazz while playing a frenetic tournament fighter like this seems incongruous, but the two complement each other surprisingly well.

Agency in games, agency of games.

If Barthes killed the author, games have the opportunity to bring her back to life, but as a partner to the player/reader instead of an opponent.

I apologize for the crappiness of the previous post.

I often wonder how I managed to spend four years at some high-falutin’ college and somehow emerge with absolutely no understanding of how to analyze a text in a coherent manner.

Story, work, and rewards in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Dragon Quarter actually tries harder than most games to make the story a direct reward of the gameplay, as opposed to just an incidental prize acheived for reaching a certain goal.