This looks like its old news by now, but I haven’t been so good at keeping up lately. A splinter faction of the JBoss Group has broken off to form their own consultancy, the Core Developers Network. In true JBoss fashion, everyone involved seems to have made a concerted effort to talk as much trash as possible during the whole affair.

In the midst of his typical aggressive posturing, Marc Fleury actually made a pretty reasonable analogy to advertising agencies and the fact that many of them were founded by junior partners who felt they were ready to strike out on their own. Then he realized that he might be talking sense and called the CDN members “greedy and impatient,” just in case someone might accidentally start listening to him.

And for some reason, the new agency insisted on calling their action a “fork” of the JBoss Group. After causing some confusion and consternation in the peanut gallery, everyone realized that it wasn’t a fork at all, just a split in the consulting company. Code “forks.” Bands “break up.”

Anyway, have I mentioned lately how much I like not having to work with JBoss, or any other EJB container?