I was all ready for a close, competitive NBA Finals this year, after the end of the Laker’s long stranglehold on the league. Game 3 was not the kind of closeness and competitiveness I was thinking of. 84-79 is the kind of score you see in a high school playoff game, not in an NBA championship series.

Both teams defenses did good jobs of denying easy fast break points. I’m fine with this; I can respect a good defense. But both teams then failed to look like they had ever tried to run a halfcourt set in their lives and just spent every possession pointlessly tossing the ball around until the shot clock ran down, at which point they either heaved up a poor jump shot or dove into the paint for an ill-advised layup attempt. Or just turned the ball over. The only enjoyment I got all night was watching Tim Duncan bring the ball upcourt and actually show off a crossover dribble, because a 7-footer with handle is always good for a giggle.

I got so sick of watching both teams repeatedly fail to penetrate or cut that I just gave up and switched over to Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns for a while. Watching Xander get beat up by a thousand-year-old troll is more fun than watching Richard Jefferson and Stephen Jackson throw up brick after brick. Blech.