Amidst all the press releases, trailers, and drooling fanboys with dubious press credentials at E3, the excellent Game Girl Advance has posted a summary of a panel discussion called “Reaching The New Gamer: Understanding the Mindset of Today’s Consumer.” The amusing thing about the panel is how each participant says exactly what you would expect them to say based on their job titles: the EA vice president talks about sports games and The Sims; the lead at Naughty Dog plays up character development; the Id guy focuses on engines. Despite this, there are a lot of good conversation starters here; it’s worth a read.

GGA, by the way, is not just a good thing because of the Rez incident. It also has some of the best commentary on gaming that I’ve read. They’re basically everything that sites like Game Critics want to be: thoughtful, well-written, and literate. They also avoid alienating readers with dry (but vital) “narratology vs. ludology” debates the way that sites Game Studies or the recently-deceased Virtual Reverie do. Good stuff.