Bananas, powdered sugar, coffee, and a few too many distractions.

I can, however, confirm that it was a mighty tasty cake. Very… brown… but tasty nonetheless.

Later than expected, but still the end of the road.

A good solid game, and we can go into the offseason with our dignity intact, which is more than anyone expected after a season that could be politely described as “tumultuous.”

iTunes? I want my iRoms!

Imagine it: you open up your front end and look up the game you want, the program asks you if you want to download it. Click “buy,” and badabing, badaboom: your credit card is charged, files are downloaded, and away you go.

English is a hard, cruel master.

After looking over my last couple of postings, I’ve concluded that sixteen years of education were wasted on me, and that now is as good a time as any for me to learn the english language.

Ikaruga: The well-tempered video game.

Unlike the story-driven games that are so popular nowadays but are only good for a single playthrough, the durability of play in a neoclassical shooter like Ikaruga lies in repetition and the quest for perfection.