The sweet thing about Ikaruga is that while it’s technically a very short game, there are a whole pile of different acheivements for you to strive toward: high score, high chains, unlocking practice levels, etc. The coolest of all, though, is the Net-Ranking feature. After completing your game, you get a password that you can enter at Atari’s website. The highest scores are displayed prominently for all to see.

Tonight, I pegged 7,468,940 points, to get me ranked 92nd on the leader board (look for “boboddodo”):

A winner is me!

Of course, just when I was starting to think I was pretty cool, I went off and reviewed some of the S++ videos by someone named Kiken, who is currently ranked 9th. They’re humbling, and a not a little harrowing.

Update, May 19: Well, it didn’t take long for me to get knocked off, now, did it? Guess I should practice level 4 some more. Sigh.