The Blazers came back from 3-0 against Dallas to be only the third team to ever force a seventh game in a best-of-seven playoff series. No team has ever come back from 3-0 to win such a series. Tragically, today was not a history making day. The game was back-and-forth until the last three minutes, when their guns fired full bore and sunk us.

The look of helplessness on Nowitzki’s face in the first quarter was priceless. Unfortunately, he replaced that face with his game face and started working it to make some big shots at the end. Nick Van Exel should have won the Sixth Man award this year. The guy is instant offense and kept the Mavs alive in the fourth quarter.

Wallace and Wells, our first and second scorers, had zero points in the first half. And we still came out of that half with a tie. They had a good second half, though, to keep us alive until the very end.

Remember Sabas? Bill Walton and I finally agree on something: Arvydas Sabonis has the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen on a basketball player. His passing out of the post is also unbelievable — literally. The Globetrotters will be working a couple of his moves into their next floor show. It helps that the man is a giant that can pick the ball off the glass like an apple.

Damon Stoudamire had five three-pointers in the game. I was ready to give up on him earlier this season, but now I’m starting to think he could survive the purges that are coming this summer. If he can settle down a little and defend people more tightly, he could be due for a Marbury-like breakout.

At any rate, a good solid game, and we can go into the offseason with our dignity intact, which is more than anyone expected after a season that could be politely described as “tumultuous.” Now come the big questions about whether Paul Allen will follow through on his promise/threat to make big changes in an effort to build a roster with “better citizens” on it.