Game Girl Advance’s latest article, “Matthew Barney vs. Donkey Kong,” is hilarious genius. It’s now only a matter of time now before we see a Miyamoto retrospective at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Drawing parallels between Cremaster 3 and everyone’s favorite man-versus-ape game is a stretch, to say the least, but Wayne Bremser somehow pulls it off. He also touches on the ability of art to transform a space and pull the viewer into that transformed space. This dovetails nicely with an article I just read that talks about the ability of games to create narrative spaces, which are explored and/or transformed by the player.

One of my goals for my period of worklessness was to get out more, to get back to culture. I’ve pretty much failed completely in this, opting instead to sit inside my apartment, sitting very still. This isn’t a necessarily a bad thing: I like sitting still, or at least pretending to sit still. But it does sort of limit one’s range of activities. My ability to not go out has been so complete that I somehow managed to miss a month-long showing at the Walker of the full Cremaster cycle. Distressing.