As if the end of Buffy’s run wasn’t bad enough (both in the sad-to-see-you-go way and the boy-this-show-sure-went-downhill way), we lose another serial friend this week: The Brunching Shuttlecocks are shutting things down. Much like Joss Whedon, though, the Shuttlecocks cannot be kept down for long, or even at all. Lore and Dave are hard at work on spinoff sites: The Book of Ratings and The Self-Made Critic. Hey, it worked for Angel, right?

Oh, and because everyone who saw it is required to have an opinion, here’s what I thought of the final Buffy episode: Trodgdor shout-out: good. Opening new plot holes while leaving old ones still gaping: bad. The brief scene with the original Scoobies and Giles: good. Spike’s shiny necklace: Bad. Letting go and letting us all return to watching older and better episodes on DVD: good.