It’s nice to find reminders of your old favorite websites.

Basketball in the summer… what a crazy idea!

Svetlana Abrosimova is a stud. I don’t know if it’s ok to refer to WNBA players as “studs”, but when you’re battling for rebounds and leading the fast break like that, “stud” is the word that comes to my mind.

Guggenheim Gaming

Drawing parallels between Cremaster 3 and everyone’s favorite man-versus-ape game is a stretch, to say the least, but Wayne Bremser somehow pulls it off.

Sci-Fi Sequel Showdown!

In a binge that left me kind of dazed, I saw both X2: X-Men United and The Matrix: Reloaded last Saturday.

Adieu, Adieu.

As if the end of Buffy’s run wasn’t bad enough (both in the sad-to-see-you-go way and the boy-this-show-sure-went-downhill way), we lose another serial friend this week: The Brunching Shuttlecocks are shutting things down.

Pardon the mess: we’re moving type here.

I put the ol’ sediment codebase out to pasture, and replaced it with the oh-so-slick Movable Type.

Josh, Sediment, and You.

This is Semifat Sediment. It is a weblog. In it, a man named Josh Lee posts occastional ravings, mostly the about video games he spends too much time playing, but also about other exciting adventures he has, some of which even involve him leaving his apartment.

More babbling about Ikaruga

After completing your game, you get a password that you can enter at Atari’s website. The highest scores are displayed prominently for all to see.

Which way the wind is blowing.

The amusing thing about the panel is how each participant says exactly what you would expect them to say based on their job titles: the EA vice president talks about sports games and The Sims; the lead at Naughty Dog plays up character development; the Id guy focuses on engines.

WARNING: Deconstruction Zone Ahead

If we could combine this with some of those illustrations from a while back, we could have some real fun.