If yesterday’s posting seems rushed, sloppy, or totally incoherent, it’s because halfway through writing it, I realized that the accent mark over the “e” in “�tude” was probably going to totally melt down all the text-handling code on my server. And, sure enough, it did. Turns out that Python is pretty adamant about ASCII being ASCII and Unicode being Unicode, and God help you if you try to shove an 8-bit character into a 7-bit space.

So I got to spend some time last night and this morning learning the differences between straight ASCII, ISO-8859-1, UTF-8, and whatever encoding it is that the Mac uses. Now I’m pretty sure that everything here is UTF-8-encoded, which should clear up the confusion. Until I find out that some browser out there chokes on it or something.

The lesson I’ve learned from all this? Avoid fancy foreign words whenever possible.