I was about to write a little review of “Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner”, but Matthew Sakey’s article stopped me from doing anything rash, or indeed doing anything at all. Sakey worries about the continuing emphasis on hot new graphics engines over other considerations in most discussions of games. He then goes on to bring up the age-old games-as-an-art-form question, answering “not yet:” games can’t be recognized by the general public as art until it’s recognized by its own creators as such. To this end, he advocates more academic writing and less “technological fetishism,” and promotes things like the Game Studies journal as the beginnings of a new language of game criticism, which (one hopes) will lead to better games.

Combine this with Greg Costikyan’s lamentations at GDC on the directions the industry is heading in, as well as Warren Spector’s response, as well as the series of profiles of gaming journalists over at Game Girl Advance, and you’ve got yourself a seriously boiling keg of introspective gamers and developers. Or a lot of pointless navel-gazing. Either way, fun stuff.

Oh, and by the way: ZOE2 r0xx0rz da hizzouse.